Since 2003, felix has been obsessively baking bread from local, natural, and sustainable ingredients in Vancouver. A decade down the road, Felix continues this bread journey as FIFE BAKERY.

Our Mission

To create the most addictive, mouth-watering bread from local, and sustainable ingredients.

Why do we do it?

We believe that even the simple things in life should bring us joy, and happiness. The feeling of uncontrollable laughter, the satisfying and relaxing sigh that comes after are the most exhilarating feelings . Food is something that everybody needs, and what brings everyone together. Everyone has that one food that they bite into and the smiles, the giggles, the butterfly feelings just spill from our souls. Bread is our passion, and we want to bring this excitement to everyone through bread. So every loaf of bread we bake, we pour our heart and soul into it, endlessly trying to improve upon the last batch. We do all this just for you. 

...Felix embodies the attitude of a fantastic baker, and will never compromise the process for the sake of time.
— Alycia Sundar, 604 NOW

What We've Achieved

  • Acquiring more than 95% of our ingredients from local sources in the lower mainland.
  • Remaining 5% of our ingredients come other Canadian sources.
  • All our packaging is 100% Canadian, recyclable, and compostable.  
  • More than 97% of our ingredients are Certified Organic or produced through organic methods.